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Who is Michelle?

So, you want to know who Michelle is and why should you listen to her? Good question!

First and foremost, I am a Mum who has journeyed through the dark forests of postnatal depression...and emerged a better person. Different, but better! I still struggle with overwhelm and dark clouds, but I have learnt to approach them in a different way.

I have learnt that....

Ø 'overwhelm' is a word that alerts me to issues of powerlessness in my life

Ø it is possible to crave company but fear it at the same time

Ø being in my pyjamas all day is ok

Ø the sun is still shining behind the clouds and the clouds will pass

Ø my thoughts have great power - to hurt or heal me

Ø tomorrow is a new day...a day where I might just feel better

Ø there are simple things I can do to feel a little better - Baby steps

Ø there is no one cause of depression and therefore, no one treatment

Ø healing occurs when we look at ourselves on all levels - mind, body and spirit

Ø depression doesn't make you a bad parent

My journey with postnatal depression lasted for 4 years (NB. I still have times where I hear the dog barking), and as I became well, I was determined to work out why this happened, and how I could prevent it again. It's been an interesting learning curve, but the things that I became keenly aware of are how many women tell me they have PND, and how many don't know there are more ways to healing than just medication alone. Medication can help you in the short term, but it can't prevent depression returning. I truly believe, that real healing and prevention comes from learning about yourself. There is no magic formula that works for everyone - it's about learning who you are and how you negotiate the world.

My deepest hope is that something I share, will be the something you need to move forward.

You are your greatest healer

One of my mantras now is......THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

And it will

Blessings & Light,


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