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About Michelle...

So, you found me! Well done! That probably means you were searching for help with depression related to pregnancy, and that takes courage. Searching for help is such an important part of the healing process because it means you are taking responsibility for your own healing journey.

I hope something I share will help you on your journey. Depression is such a lonely illness, but I want you to remember that others know and understand.

My journey with PND (postnatal depression) began after the birth of my second child and lasted for 4 years. I was unable to take the usual prescribed medications, and so had to find other support systems.


Inherent to my nature is the need to know ‘Why?’  I like to know why we act the way we do, why we get sick, why we abuse ourselves, why we think this way or that way....just why people are the way they are. So as I began to recover from PND, I wanted to know why? Why did I get sick? Why did I get well? I wanted to understand this illness so I could ensure I didn’t get it again. That quest to understand myself has led me to wisdom and information that I never would have known about if I had not been so sick in the first place.

This is what I want to share with you – as ugly as depression is, it provides the opportunity to unravel yourself and rediscover who you are. It allows deeper understanding of what makes you sick and, if you allow it, what makes you tick.

It’s a Hero’s Journey. You are the Hero! And I hope to be one of your allies.

Blessings and Light


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