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Human Being or Human Doing?


Interesting question….

We call ourselves 'human beings' yet we have become so obsessed with 'doing'. In our culture of 'more', activity is aligned with success. You've got to be 'doing' something to 'get somewhere'.

Depression was an interesting teacher in regards to this. As my mind was reduced to rubble, incapable of busy, complex thoughts, I found myself in mental silence. In this silence, I learnt to wait....just to 'be'. I couldn't do the mental gymnastics required to work things out sometimes, but I found that as I waited for my brain to function, things fell into place. Without my 'doing' anything, situations resolved themselves.

I learnt the magic of just being open to possibilities. When the answer isn't immediately obvious....wait. See what happens. Just 'be'.

Human Being or Human Doing?

Your choice!

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