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Come on a journey...

Our journey starts in a safe and welcoming space, no outside distractions. No one needs your attention right now, no to-do lists, it's purely a moment for you.

Michelle will then guide your attention inwards, with a beautiful meditation that feels like a warm hug. You are now held, supported and cared for.

You now allow yourself to connect to the music, and dance in a dimly lit room.

Dance your soul's journey. Dance your internal rhythm. Dance your truth.

The music is aligned with each chakra, to help you clear and re-balance each chakra, one at a time.

Allow your intuition to guide you, and dance how you feel. No judgement from anyone else, you have turned inward to re-connect with yourself.

The session ends with creating your mandala art, a chance for you to process the emotions, thoughts and images that appeared for you during this time.

Welcome to your safe space.

Welcome home.


Chakradance™ has been seen in:


So, what is a Chakra?

The chakra system serves to oversee the balance of the human energy field, often referred to as the aura. This aura is a vibrant and evolving matrix encompassing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements.
We all possess seven chakras, each of which impacts a different facet of our existence. These energy centres influence our instincts, sexuality, personal power, capacity for love, communication skills, intuition, and connection to our spirituality.


Throat Chakra

~The blue chakra~

Third Eye Chakra

~The indigo chakra~

Crown Chakra

~The violet chakra~

Sacral Chakra

~The orange chakra~

Solar Plexus Chakra

~The yellow chakra~

The Heart Chakra

~The green chakra~

Base Chakra

~The red chakra~

How Chakradance™ Works

Chakradance has been drawn from the wisdom of Jungian Psychology, and is a form of healing and self-discovery. The music has been composed to resonate with the frequency of each chakra and the guided meditations are all carefully scripted to reflect the properties and experiences each chakra is responsible for. The symbolism of the mandala allows us to find clarity of our experience.

What benefits will I experience?

Benefits you may experience in and after a session include:

  • Clearer boundary setting

  • Lessening of anxiety

  • Greater flexibility in your attitudes

  • Clearing of old energetic blockages

  • Stronger sense of self-worth

  • Improved intuition, imagination

  • Authentic communication

  • Connection to higher realms

  • Deeper connection to yourself and life

  • Greater joy

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Programs Offered

Chakradance™ Introduction Classes

Perfect to dip your toes in the water, or just do a general energy balance. Our introduction classes go for 2 hours, and go through all 7 chakras in one session. Available at various locations around the Gold Coast.


9 Week Chakradance™
Freedom Program

Looking to go into more depth with each chakra? Our 9 week program is one session per week, and focuses on each chakra in detail with more meditations and guided activities. The first week gets you settled in, then followed by one chakra per week for 7 weeks and the final 9th session is the integration week to allow all the lessons and clearing to settle into your system. It's a perfect way to commit to a healing practice.


7 Week Goddess Chakradance™ Program

Our 7 week Goddess program uses the energies and archetypes of the goddesses to amplify and experience the chakras in a different way. Each goddess embodies different aspects of ourselves to explore and develop as we journey through the chakras. There is no other program like this around, and is one that will lift your spirits and teach you many lessons.

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