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How will 'Dancing With the Darkness' help me?

Postnatal depression is a very lonely illness – as are all mental illnesses. During the years I was ill, I looked everywhere for books that would help me understand what I was going through and find ways to heal. Autobiographical books reassured me that I was not alone in what I was experiencing, however they made my pain more intense, as I identified so strongly with the pain of the writer. Psychological books made me feel even more overwhelmed with the list of things I should be doing

to get well. I also had incredible difficulty maintaining enough concentration to be able to comprehend and assimilate so much information.

Dancing With The Darkness” has been written to help you when you are lost in the ‘black cloud’, when cognitive function is impaired, when reading is no longer easy because concentration and comprehension are fractured... when all the great books on depression may be just too much information or just ‘too many words’. My hope is that “Dancing With The Darkness” will inspire, comfort, reassure, and inform. It is not a program, method, or course to be followed. It does not pretend to have all the answers.

Dancing With The Darkness” is a book of hope. A collection of wisdom, thoughts, facts and questions meant to provide inspiration and support. It is a friend to turn to in the loneliness of the night. A friend reminding you that you are not alone, that you will get through this, and reminding

you to hope. Hope gives us the courage to keep going.

Australian Buyers – follow the link on the home page to process your purchase and I will be advised of each sale and can donate accordingly.

International Buyers – follow the link to Amazon to make your purchase. Please forward a copy of your receipt to me @ so I can donate accordingly.

I hope the book brings you light!

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