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Alchemy & Light

Supporting your journey to wholeness.

About Michelle

Author, Accredited Chakradance™ Facilitator

With a mission to help mothers during some of the most challenging years of their lives,  Michelle offers a safe space for those struggling with their mental health. Having gone through Postnatal Depression herself, Michelle has lived the experiences and wishes to help those who are feeling lonely and scared. She offers Chakradance™ classes as a safe way to work on her client's energetic bodies, and has her book "Dancing With The Darkness" as her must read resource to help with Depression. Michelle spreads her light daily and hopes to make a community for mothers to feel supported in this fast paced world.

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How can I help you?

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Lisa C

"I went into my first Chakradance™ lesson with quite a bit of trepidation. Free dancing, with other people around me, was way out of my comfort zone. Michelle was so understanding of all our doubts and repeatedly confirmed there was no right or wrong way but to just listen to the music and do what felt right. I was surprised at how free I felt and how much I enjoyed it. "

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