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Why did I write the book?

The short answer…. because Spirit asked me to. Well, actually, Spirit harassed me until I gave in!!

There were hints everywhere – in the audiobooks I listened to, in the emails I got from my favourite teachers – it just seemed the idea of writing a book was circling me. Now, I’ve never EVER considered a career in writing so I resisted for quite a while. When I finally realized these messages weren’t going away, I started asking what I would write about. I didn’t want to write an account of my journey with PND as I knew others were doing that. So I asked Spirit what it wanted me to write about (well, it was more of a challenge really – ‘You want me to write, so tell me what to write about!’)

I waited.

I listened.

I began to notice a pattern. Discussion with other women about PND surprised and saddened me.

Firstly, I couldn’t get over HOW MANY women were telling me they’d had PND or were currently dealing with it.

Secondly, everyone I talked to asked me what medication I was on. When I’d answer that I couldn’t take meds– they would look horrified at the idea of dealing with depression without them. I realized how limited our treatment of depression was. Medication and (if you were lucky) counselling is often all that get offered. I realized I needed to write about all the other ways to heal - the pathway I had used to heal. Women need to know they have power within them to heal. They need to know this is a mind – body – spirit issue.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get help and guidance from others. Nor does it mean you have to avoid medication. What it does mean is that when you consider ALL aspects of yourself in the healing process, you will see other options that can work in unison with conventional methods.

So, my book isn’t a one-size-fits-all pathway because that doesn’t exist. What you’ll find is lots of ways to think about mental health, how to apply ideas to your path, and basically any information that made me go ‘Ah-ha!’. I just want to share what I discovered so that women can take what suits them and move forward.

Australian Buyers – follow the link on the home page to process your purchase and I will be advised of each sale and can donate accordingly.

International Buyers – follow the link to Amazon to make your purchase. Please forward a copy of your receipt to me at so I can donate accordingly.

I hope the book brings you comfort, wisdom, and hope!

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