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Trusting that everything happens for a reason helps me to persevere when things don't make sense. I know the universe and my higher self have a plan in process, even if my personality has no idea what it's all about right now.

But....sometimes....I get frustrated and have a 'little' rant. When it feels like everything is in a holding pattern, or so many 'stop' signs seem to be appearing that I'm not even sure I'm on the right path anymore....well, sometimes a girl's gotta get expressive!

I stomp around, I cry, I rant about everything that's not making sense, I inform the Universe that it obviously sent the message to the wrong person and it really should redirect the email (energy-mail). I do the whole " I can't do this" , "It's too hard" victim tirade. Once I've purged myself, I usually sit quietly for a while - exhausted from the release of pent-up energy.

Sometimes, whilst I'm sitting in this place of surrender, I will 'hear' a solution. At other times, it may take a few days before I start to see the shift - a friend mentions a healer that I feel drawn to visit, a social media post solves a problem, a chance meeting heralds new possibilities. It can be so easy to not register these seemingly small occurrences as any more than that - chance. But, I don't believe in chance. I can see that I'm back in the flow, and that the Universe and I are co-creating again.

By getting to a place of surrender (my rant!), I seem to release some of the limiting beliefs and energy that are stalling progress. I'm too tired and confused to keep trying to make things work....I rant.... I surrender. Then I just have to follow the signs as they manifest - go to that healer, attend that festival, talk to that stranger, ask questions, be open. Allow.

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